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Danny Wilson a bit about me

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CV as a blog


Before moving into web development full time I worked in many jobs, I like interacting with “the public” although it definitely has it’s down sides! I like to put a face to the name and build a trusting relationship between myself and my clients.

RSTO was where I got “my foot in the door”, I worked as a design/developer making sites for BT business.

The work was intense, target driven development meaning the quantity of sites produced could be as much as 7 a month. I commuted through to Edinburgh for the job and eventually that took it’s toll so I looked to move on.


I left Glasgow University with a BSc Computer Science in 2011. This provided a good grounding in Software Engineering and Coding standards which has made expanding my skill-set significantly easier than it otherwise would have been.

Even in the 3 years since I left University a lot has changed on the web; new standards, more devices and more new tools and libraries than I can count. I enjoy expanding my knowledge and tend to favour a more practical form of education, do it till you do it right.


I could hardly bill myself as a web developer without being comfy in code. I’m confident with html(5), css(3) and javascript(jQuery/Angular/Ember) but most in my element on the server side with php; either stand alone development or fitting in with a CMS or framework.

I have worked with Joomla and Drupal but WordPress is home. The community support is excellent and the core team do a great job.

The project has come on leaps and bounds since I first dabbled with WordPress and now use it for 80% of all the work I do!

It sounds cringey when you say it out loud but I like php a lot… Object Oriented development makes sense and PHP5 makes this straight forward and logical. I have used a variety of back-end frameworks but Laravel is my “go-to”. I have used, a fork of CodeIgnitor, Kohana in the office as well as bits and pieces in Symfony2.


I am an avid user of Adobe’s Creative Cloud, comfortable with Photoshop and Illustrator piecing together design ideas and images.

More recently I’ve started working on a small library of scripts to speed up the “creative process”.

Design is not my strongest field of expertise and I work primarily in conjunction with other designers.

My work at Maguires lets me utilise the creative abilities of 3 highly skilled graphic designers. I’d even say I’m learning a few things!